I have chosen the panel painting for my new works because its simplicity also expresses clarity. There is no need for a complex interior design, no set pieces that line up to form an installation, no highly complex, explanatory text, and yet it can be diverse and dense, mysterious and full of symbolic power, political and contemporary. For this seemingly old-fashioned medium, I take borrowings from the Baroque period, in which man had oriented his life very intensely towards this world, thus granting a large space in an obvious abundance, an awakening wealth and the newly invented luxury of waste, which continues unstoppably to the present day and with it the loss, the farewell, the downfall, in a dimension that we can no longer influence.

I try to show a melancholy in the faces of my protagonists, in the rooms and scenarios, in which the legacy of this time is already reflected, and I continue to tell and change the stories that have their origin there. I dare one more step into a possible future in which people disappear, everything is at the mercy of decay and the world retreats into darkness again. To eventually, perhaps, return. Without us.


Poster and brochure for the Tangofestival Innsbruck 2019
“la locura” / House of Music
acrylic on canvas: 140 x 120 cm resp. 160 x 100 cm




Minu Ghedina - artist from Innsbruck, Austria   |   Painting · Sculpture · Object · Installation