A painting, it s very simple. It doesn’t need a complex space, no pieces of scenery from present, that ultimately shape an installation. It doesn’t need an eclectic, descriptive text and yet is equally diverse, mysterious and full of powerful symbolism. This is not just Vermeer’s opus but also the one of other artists of his era. And the one of many others that came before and after him. The seemingly simple readability turns out to be very complex and political, contemporary even.

So the painting is only apparently a vintage medium.

Why do I relate to Vermeer?

In the faces of Vermeers protagonists, there is already a farewell, a melancholia visible. One which I cannot escape from. In those faces there is the legacy of Vermeer’s era and they lead me to wanting to continue telling his tales. And then I dare to take one further step,into a potential future where the world will withdraw into a darkness again. Withdraw into the farewell.

Vermeer’s paintings don’t just pose encrypted questions but are very political too. Furthermore, they demonstrate the fullness of his time which ischaracterized by the wake of wealth. What follows is a redefined luxury that reaches a wasteful level and to this day on continues to progress into a demise, reaching a dimension which we will no longer be able to influence.


Minu Ghedina - artist from Innsbruck, Austria   |   Painting · Sculpture · Object · Installation