Painting - Still Life

Still Life I, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 50x100cm.
About the transience of things, colors, life, relics as part of our history.

Mag. Minu Ghedina

Artist from Innsbruck / Klagenfurt, Austria

painting · sculpture · drawing · paper object · installation · graphics · concrete relief

Studied sculpture with Alfred Hrdlicka / University of Applied Arts Vienna, installations in St.Jakob Cathedral in Innsbruck, paintings in the style of baroque painters from the Netherlands, Austrian-Iranian roots, lecturer at the University of Teacher Education in Tyrol / textile works

Member of the Tyrolean artist community:
Artist of the Galerie 4e / Freiburg:ünstler/31-minu-ghedina

Permanent exhibitions:
· Gallery 4e Freiburg, gallery and sculpture garden with works by international sculptors and painters
· Praxisgemeinschaft Unfallchirurgie Golser / Sperner, Innsbruck, visit on request

NEWS: Catalog of works 2020

DinA5, box with 24 photo cards, 20 euros



Minu Ghedina - artist from Innsbruck, Austria   |   Painting · Sculpture · Object · Installation